How it Works

The Developers Guide to SMS Integration

The end product will result in you configuring your software to utilise Boom-SMS for all SMS text messaging.

(Business to Business / Consumer Mobile Phone Text messaging system)

What Next

Ensure you have read the 'Terms of Service, DPA Agreement & Privacy Policy' for our service, then go through the Free registration online.

Once registered you will have 10 free test SMS allocated to your account. You will receive an email confirming your account details. (Contact us for more test SMS)

You will then need to integrate within your software.
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Once integration is complete and successfully tested, send out updates of your software throughout your company & or Clients c/w a short paragraph as to how the system works.

Option 1

Your company credits the Boom-SMS system using the 'Wordplay Secure Payment Server'

To do this simply go to 'My Account' / 'Account Top-up Service' and choose the required amount of SMS.

Option 2

Your Clients 'Register' their own account then use the 'Account Top-up Service' in the same way. Once they have entered their Boom-SMS registration details into the software and credited their account, they will be able to start sending SMS immediately.

For further details email: and we will be more than happy to assist.